To meet the next generation of member needs, Nizari Progressive Credit Union, based in Sugarland TX, has implemented the CheckLogic™ Suite to enhance their check processing strategy. The CheckLogic Suite is eDOC Innovations’ powerful, comprehensive, end-to-end check processing solution for in-clearings, returns, chargebacks, branch capture, ATM deposit, remote and mobile deposit. Using CheckLogic Suite, credit union administrators can view all branch check processing reports from their credit union headquarters via their own online portal and multiple branches can complete their check processing needs without sending physical checks off for processing.

“We are excited to implement CheckLogic at Nizari Progressive Credit Union as a component of their overall strategy to meet their members’ needs,” comments Bret Weekes, President and CEO of eDOC Innovations. “In an area of credit union operations that today is often overseen by apathetic attitudes or frankly ignored, innovation is vital. CheckLogic is an innovative approach to digital transaction management, and a component of a holistic approach to the demographic changes of mobile memberships,” concluded Weekes.

By integrating the CheckLogic Suite as part of their mobile enterprise digital transaction management system, Nizari Progressive Credit Union employees will save time, reduce errors, maximize productivity, and decrease overall operational cost.