With emphasis on enhancing services to their business members, Nizari Progressive, a $113M credit union based in Sugar Land, Texas, signed with eDOC Innovations to provide their merchant members the added convenience of remote deposit capture (RDC). CheckLogic Merchant RDC allows business members to focus on their core business and complete their check deposits without leaving their office. In the short span of two months, the credit union has worked to install this solution in five business member sites with two more in the process.

Joseph Lao, eDOC Innovations Manager of Business Development said: “I’m impressed with the credit union’s laser-focused goal of enabling their merchant members with RDC capability. It is clear the credit union recognizes their members’ needs and has assembled a member-centric team that is driving to address their merchant members’ needs with solutions that are intuitive and convenient to use.”

Nizari found a niche for their mobile empowered members and eDOC had the solution to assist them in their desire to grow their membership through mobile fulfillment and merchant check deposit.