Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, based in Notre Dame, IN has signed with eDOC Innovations to implement DocLogic, a complete core image processing suite of products. DocLogic™ is an eDocument workflow platform installed and managed at the credit union.

Rick Burden, Chief Strategic Officer at Notre Dame Federal Credit Union comments, “Implementing the DocLogic Suite into our workflow will allow us to meet the evolving needs of our credit union members. Many of the modules offered in the DocLogic suite cater to a mobile demographic. Leveraging these tools will help Notre Dame FCU to retain and increase a membership that seeks to do their banking from the comfort of their home or office.”

“Notre Dame Federal Credit Union’s leadership has a vision for process improvement through a collaborative and cooperative business model, which is consistent with our business model and product design methods,” comments Bret Weekes, President/CEO of eDOC Innovations.  “I’m looking forward to working with their team on this project, and building a culture of image processing that will have a positive impact on the credit union’s staff, and extending that culture to the member owners of Notre Dame.”

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