Pinnacle Credit Union, in Atlanta, GA, recently adopted eDOCSignature® to provide convenient e-signing capabilities to their 9,000 members. eDOCSignature, the e-signature platform in eDOC Innovations’ mobile enterprise digital transaction management suite (mDTM®), provides a secure, compliant e-signature platform for both remote and in-branch document signing for credit unions and their members.

“We have really enjoyed using eDOCSignature® so far,” said Matthew Cook, VP of commercial lending at Pinnacle. “The ability to have signed documents upload directly into our idocVAULT is great. Members tend to like it too since we only have two branches.”

Joseph Lao, business development manager at eDOC Innovations added: “Technology, when properly applied, is beneficial in our industry and to credit union members. The business requirements and the changing landscape of mobile members make eDOCSignature® a significant tool to deliver documents in a secure way.”