When South Bay, a forward-looking 7,400 member credit union based in Redondo Beach, CA, decided to blaze a trail of their own towards mobility through cloud computing and mobile devices, they recruited some great minds to bring about their vision. They leveraged their existing relationship with eDOC to create a strategy that facilitated the effective use of  tablet devices in an on-premise and remote environment, while retaining the system’s stability that has been a prominent part of their member service delivery. The addition of eDOC’s Mobile Enterprise Digital Transaction Management (mDTM) will provide a fully digital process that faciliates transactions in a secure mobile environment.

Jennifer Oliver, the visionary CEO, said it best, “Exciting times here in South Bay as we embark on an unprecedented strategic technological transformation forging a path to mobility. We will no longer be tied to the traditional arrangement of hub and spoke operations.  With this transformation, we will truly become a networked credit union with mobile staff and ability to serve members in varying ways.”

Oliver continued, “Where we used to have the majority of staff operate from one location and a secondary small branch for teller services, we will now have 3 locations fairly balanced in numbers with each location having administrative as well as branch services.  Each will be fully autonomous.”

By integrating digital document transaction processing into the credit union’s existing business workflow, employees speed the transaction to closure on any mobile device, save time, reduce errors, and maximize productivity, all while decreasing operational cost. To learn more about eDOC Innovations’ DocLogic Suite visit: http://edoclogic.com/products/doclogic/ or give us a call at: 800.425.7766 Option 3.