Texas Bridge Credit Union, in Corpus Christi, TX, has partnered with eDOC Innovations for its digital transaction management solution, eDOCSignature® and its integrated workflow with their FLEX core processing system. Designed to empower credit unions to meet mobile members in branch or remotely, eDOCSignature’s capabilities provide state-of-the-art automation for the credit union and drives value back to the mobile by meeting them where they are, anytime, anywhere.

“I asked Debbie Miller, our Loan Manager, to do a small loan for me so I could see how the process works,” said David Brooks, President of TXBCU. “Very easy to use and I liked the dog at the end. The best description I can provide is ‘slick’. This is a game changer for TXBCU. I want to thank everyone who has been involved in making this a reality! I think the possibilities of operational enhancement with this new service is exponential.”

Joseph Lao, eDOC’s manager of business development added: “The business requirements and the changing landscape of mobile members make eDOCSignature® a significant part of delivering value to the member in a secure way. For Texas Bridge, it is facilitating the loan closure process and removing the friction previously felt by the credit union and the member.”

FLEX Credit Union Technology, a credit union core data processing solution provider based in Sandy, UT, partnered with eDOC Innovations last year to offer eDOCSignature to their credit union members. This partnership exemplifies the commitment of eDOC Innovations to the credit union industry and those who serve it.