eDOC Innovations is excited to announce the 2013 eDOC Annual Leadership Meeting and Strategy Session to be held in Boston, MA from May 15th  - 18th.  Join us to discover how core image processing enhances an electronic culture within the credit union and springboards future membership opportunities. Come and learn about the innovation behind core image processing, the nucleus of any credit union’s edDocument strategy.

Session topics include: core image processing; mobile strategy; compliance and regulation for mobile solutions; and implementing core imaging into your business plan. In addition, a roundtable discussion will be hosted by credit union peers from around the nation. eDOC Innovations also welcomes three industry sponsors: CU*Northwest, EPL, Inc., and Cachet Financial Solutions.

Registration is still open for eDOC Innovations clients and credit union peers who are interested in learning more about eDOC Innovations’ core image processing solutions. To register for this event visit: http://edoclogic.com/2013-annual-meeting/