Trademark Federal Credit Union, in Augusta, Maine, adopted eDOCSignature to provide greater convenience and more comprehensive services to their growing community of mobile members. The ability to send documents out for esign will speed up member transactions and allows credit union staff to service member needs anytime, anywhere.

“As we deepen our relationship with Share One, credit unions are enabled to address the members’ digital needs through intuitive, plug and play solutions. We are excited to forge together with Trademark FCU in our pursuit for a more fully integrated solution with their core and make eDOCSignature an integral part of their operations,” commented Tim Wright, AVP of sales at eDOC Innovations.

“eDOC has been very accommodating to our credit union’s needs, as well as meeting our required timelines,” added Joann Bisson, CEO of Trademark FCU. “This is a very exciting time for us!”