When Trademark Federal Credit Union, in Augusta, ME, adopted eDOCSignature to transition to a digital culture of electronic loan documents for the benefit of the credit union and its members, it became apparent that the features and benefits of the solution facilitated the speedy flow of transactions to completion. After a few months using the platform, they are convinced that the tool can be utilized for more than just loan processing; it can be used for many of their internal processes, in many instances eliminating paper transactions that tend to be cumbersome.

“We have been enjoying our new relationship with eDOC,” commented Joann Bisson, CEO of Trademark. “We onboarded with eDOCSignature to service our members electronically when applying for loans. Now we are moving into using eDOCSignature to replace other paper-heavy business processes. We will begin using it internally for our meeting minutes, policies, and expenses, and look into additional member offerings we can provide digitally for their convenience.”

“One of the first things we ask when meeting with a credit union is “what are all your current paper processes?” Most credit unions immediately want to streamline their loans, and don’t realize that any paper process can be digitalized. This discovery helps credit unions identify different options and methods for using eDOCSignature at their credit union to serve their membership and for the benefit of their staff,” added Tim Wright, AVP Sales at eDOC Innovations. “We are excited to work with Trademark to transform their paperless initiatives into the digital space.”