Western Division Federal Credit Union, based in Williamsville, New York, was looking for a synergistic way to better serve their members. Committed to driving efficiencies by digitizing their loan and member document processes, they decided that eDOC Innovations’ mDTM® was just what they needed. Implementing the state-of-the-art mobile enterprise digital transaction management solution that fully integrates with their long time core provider, CU*Answers, Western Division now provides the optimal remote closing capabilities they were looking for to speed up member transaction and allow credit union staff to connect with members to service their needs anytime, anywhere on any device.

“We are always actively looking for solutions to streamline our processes, so we are better able to provide added value to the member experience,” expressed Robert Harms, president/CEO of Western Division FCU. “We are happy that we have found a solution with eDOC’s mDTM®  that adds convenience to our members through the use of digital automation with mobile remote delivery capability with eDOCSignature. We have been fully implemented for about two weeks and everything is working great!”

“The features of mDTM® empower credit unions to reach members where they are, anytime, anywhere,” added Bret Weekes, president/CEO of eDOC Innovations. “These disruptive innovations are creating member growth and retention opportunities that are really benefiting the credit unions and driving value back to their member owners.”