eDOC Innovations, a leading electronic document management credit union service organization (CUSO), welcomes WV United Credit Union to the ownership of the CUSO.  WV United CU collaborates with eDOC on its eDocument strategy including RDC, form automation, eSign and member development services.

“eDOC is excited to have WV United as a participating owner at eDOC.  Linda has a progressive vision for her credit union and is driving success with her team,” states Bret Weekes, President/CEO of eDOC Innovations. “Linda is doing some very innovative things with her mobile view of things, already she has eDOC operating on an iPad and is pushing us to be even more mobile in the future.  Linda and her team bring an innovative energy to the eDOC CUSO and this type of collaboration on e-Document strategies is why we exist.  I’m confident that WV United will add meaningful contributions to our vision for the future,” concludes Weekes.