South Bay Credit Union, based in Redondo Beach, CA, has joined the ownership of eDOC Innovations. South Bay Credit Union is excited to partner with eDOC Innovations as an owner and driver of eDocument innovation.

Jennifer Oliver, CEO of South Bay Credit Union, comments, “One of our key objectives is to improve efficiency and we see document imaging as an important part of our more efficient business model. I’ve known eDOC for a long time. I am confident that they care about helping us to be successful. It makes sense to us to invest in a partnership for our future success and to ‘walk the talk’ in a cooperative model.”

South Bay Credit Union joins other owners of the CUSO as a leader in the cooperative business model. “We believe the cooperative business model offers credit unions the greatest amount of control in the investments they make in key technologies,” commented Bret Weekes, President/CEO of eDOC Innovations. “The cooperative business model enables credit unions to build technology together that is relevant for the business needs of the credit union. It gives ultimate control to the credit union.”

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