By: M Fierro

eDOC Excels in Long Term Client Loyalty
July 19, 2016

eDOC Innovations has always recognized the long term value of client retention and satisfaction. Promoting client satisfaction by continuously improving their products and services and the ways they deliver them, eDOC Innovations renewed long term contracts with 23 credit unions nationwide during the first half of 2016. “We are always pleased to add new clients, […]

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eDOC Launches New System Management Program
July 11, 2016

eDOC Innovations launched a new program to assist credit unions with their on-premise digital transaction management strategy. The system audit program is designed to reduce friction in the automation processes by training clients to optimize their eDOC system by providing the essential knowledge on standard server maintenance, software upgrade procedures and how the system’s functions […]

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Notre Dame FCU Adopts eDOCSignature In-Branch
June 16, 2016

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, in Notre Dame, IN, joins the growing number of adopters of eDOC Innovations’ mobile enterprise digital transaction management (mDTM®) solutions, which includes the on-premise iPad signing capability, eDOCSignature In-Branch®. eDOCSignature In-Branch is designed to remove the friction in digital transaction signing by eliminating the cumbersome, and at times, disconnected feature […]

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eDOC Joins Alaska Credit Union League’s Annual Festivities
June 15, 2016

What’s 4,400 miles between friends? In the spirit of collaboration, Joseph Lao, eDOC Innovations’ Manager of Business Development, traveled 8,800 miles, out and back from Vermont, to join in support of the Spirit of Alaska Federal Credit Union at the Alaska Credit Union League’s annual meeting. As a CUSO, eDOC Innovations strives to work with […]

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eDOC Innovations Steps It Up in May
June 10, 2016

What began as a fun event to promote employee health and well-being and to get their people moving, eDOC Innovations’ No Lazy Days in May Step Challenge turned into a highly accelerated and motivating competition. With PTO as the grand prize incentive and a charitable donation, eDOC Innovations’ staff walked nearly 8 million step during […]

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Diversified Members Credit Union Adopts eDOC’s mDTM®
June 9, 2016

Diversified Members Credit Union, based in Detroit, Michigan, has partnered with eDOC Innovations to adopt their DocLogic mobile enterprise digital transaction management (mDTM®) solution. eDOC’s mDTM solution is designed to remove friction in the digital transaction business process and provides state-of-the-art automation and management capabilities for all of the credit union’s digital transactions. Mobile enterprise […]

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CU*Answers to Offer Corporate Image Vaults to Credit Unions
June 7, 2016

CU*Answers has teamed up with eDOC Innovations to provide credit unions an inexpensive option to archive their corporate documents. Documents like board minutes, HR files, insurance policies, contracts and committee minutes will be able to be stored in a secure location apart from the credit union’s member data. Including a small computer, scanner, and specialized […]

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eDOC’s Hosts Service Standards and Guarantee Training
May 12, 2016

eDOC Innovations conducted a live training webinar hosted by Tara Hodgkins, Manager of Consulting Services, and Tim Wright, Manager of Client Services, on eDOC’s Gold Service Standards and Guarantee. This webinar examined eDOC’s client support standards and guarantee and how clients can get the best results from their collaboration with eDOC Innovations. Topics covered in […]

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eDOC Check Volumes on the Rise
May 5, 2016

eDOC Innovations’ Check21 solution, CheckLogic™, continues to see volume increases as new capture channels shift traditional branch capture. “Over the past few years, eDOC Innovations has made strategic investments in enhancing the CheckLogic™ suite of products to meet the demands of the mobile member. Originally designed for branch capture and in clearing from the Federal […]

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eDOC Innovations Eliminates Data Silos
March 25, 2016

eDOC Innovations, a long-time proponent of eliminating data silos, recently signed agreements with three credit unions to consolidate document management systems that were obtained via a merger or replaced by newer solutions. By consolidating systems the cost of maintaining multiple systems and its inherent operational inefficiencies are eliminated, thereby providing a greater ROI to the […]

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